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#1 Re : Deck and Strategy » Guild : Néhant » 03-02-2013 18:18:06


For the latest releases I think we got very cool cards, I'm using most of them, almost all of them big_smile

For the last release, the debuffing playstyle is awesome! The deck is still a bit slow, but it's pretty fun.

The new corruption is also great! But I still feel corrupt mages can easily be destroyed by some decks or some key cards.

For the next releases I'd like to see more cards for the suicide warriors and a corruption that starts the fight on my discard pile. Lots of times my opponent starts the fight choosing Receptacle, then it looks like he has some kind of logic to always play Entropy as his third card in the first turn ¬¬

For warriors, some character that makes all my demons to last longer, maybe causes direct damage when my permanents get removed by my opponent.

I feel our "canceling" card is getting less and less attractive, Eleminehantation completely kills my characters and the damage I pay is affected by Lords of the Ruins, I feel Eleminehantation is outdated.

#2 Re : Atualizações » iTCG : Zehanie » 30-01-2013 19:38:40

Sera q ficaria bom Nebsen + Avatar + Zehanie??????

#4 Re : Discussões sobre Eredan iTCG » Galera, vocês já usaram a carta foilizadora ? » 21-01-2013 19:56:17

Uma no Tormento e uma guardei. Quero usar pra vender algum bicho forte ou usar em algum muito estiloso, futuramente.

#5 Re : Deck and Strategy » Inferno farm deck done now? » 18-01-2013 20:02:17

I also include [card]Magic Attack[/card] + [card]Daemonium[/card] combo.

#6 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » January 17th: Contact! » 18-01-2013 12:30:29

This week's story was one of the best (if not the best one) IMO.

I got excited by the Nehants finally getting more evil and strong, now people should fear them, not hunt them wink

Zejabel reviving nehant's old body??? wink   Sounds good.

A lot of new characters to the story, nehant's body, ishaia, no-mask amidaraxar, would be nice to have an update with only characters, lots of them! For everyone! big_smile

#7 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » January 17th: Contact! » 17-01-2013 15:55:34

Anything that recycle. Edrianne, Entropy, A New Start, Recycle Magic, Cloning, etc.

Also I think Mastery + Any Spell also counts as 2.

#8 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » January 16th: Gnarl » 17-01-2013 13:07:21

Fun update, but so bad it takes so much time to attach pets, and is 1 per character.

#9 Re : Atualizações » iTCG : Belicoso » 17-01-2013 13:05:26

Ainda bem q essas ultiams atualizações nao estamos tendo cartas muito apelativas, q ganham o jogo sozinha.

Foi um up legal, vai ficar divertido o deck de pets agora smile

#10 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » The price of flesh » 04-01-2013 18:54:58

And it also works with character's order bonus, like [card]Pain[/card] and [card]Soulchewer[/card].

#11 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » January 3rd: Incursion! » 03-01-2013 20:12:52

kmilea a écrit :

[card]Incursion[/card]: Action. Collector. Unique. Duration 2 turns. Your characters have Defense +2. All the characters have +1 to damage suffered. Chain Item.

Enjoy the game!

Mini [card]Lords of the Ruins[/card], even the Item chain. Great for [card]Nehant's Splinter[/card] deck >)

#13 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » December 12th: Moîra, the Great WitchBlade » 13-12-2012 12:52:13

rutse a écrit :
Dimizar a écrit :
rutse a écrit :

Who is Aerouant attacking in Lux Draconis lv1????




I thought he would (finally) become cool (evil) =/

This just shows how unsucessfull and failure Nehantists are.

Hope soon they finally get strong and offer some danger and fear to people.

#14 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » December 12th: Moîra, the Great WitchBlade » 12-12-2012 16:09:06

Ummmm... isnt that too much new Nehantist hard coutners at the same time? xD

Moira, Truth of the Dragon, Lux Draconis xD

#15 Re : Deck and Strategy » Guild : Néhant » 10-12-2012 18:50:41

Senshui a écrit :

Of what think you of the current state of the guild?

I love this guild, outside of my Al-Kilecrew (hot girl) deck, all my others are Nehantists big_smile
I think the guild is full of different playstyles and the best part is that we don't have much castes, so we can mix everything. But the guild is not competitive enough, it could be better. It was showed on Battle of the Guilds, we lost EVERY fight.

What are the key points of the guild?

This makes the game cool, I enjoy making all my opponents getting weaker and they thinking like they can do nothing. It affects my opponent's mind and it hurts them to see all their character with red stats xD

Also we have cool different playstyles such as Hand Denial and Direct Damage, it punishes people for hurting me wink

What are his weak points?

Defense and HIGH need to have permanents. Removal cards completely break all nehantist decks. Both demons (Extasy, Lords of the Ruins, etc) and corruption (now got a boost with Entropy and the new Girl, but it also penalyze and delays too much the deck).

Decks that reduce damage taken is a free win against nehantists. For example when I play my demon deck and my opponent is Nebsen or Courts, I just accept I will lose and there's nothing I can do about it.

That would like to see appearing?

I'd like to see more survivability and maybe some unequipping protection, maybe a strong and decent demon that causes damage for my cards being removed.

Probably something to deal with healing. Healing is so intense right now that they nullify all the damage and I have nothing to counter except by [card]Sentence[/card].

Have you the other remarks?

Yes! Death to Noz!!!!

Thks for the best guild of the World !

Have fun !

#16 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » Get An Action Card To Hand From Deck » 23-11-2012 13:21:32

[card]Ripper[/card]'s order bonus is to get a [card]Demonic Cloud[/card] from deck to hand.

#17 Re : Atualizações » iTCG : Edrianne » 22-11-2012 03:34:34

Não pode ser a Ishaia ainda, e nem alguiem usando o corpo dela, pode ver a raça, é humana, quer dizer que ainda não morreu senão seria morto-vivo igual o Zejabel.

#18 Re : News e Novità » News 21 novembre - iTCG : Edrianne » 21-11-2012 17:10:56

[card]Nehantic sign[/card] > [card]Suspicious of Treason[/card]/[card]Dissidence[/card] big_smile

#19 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » November 21st: Edrianne » 21-11-2012 16:30:24

[card]Nehantic sign[/card] is AWESOME against those [card]Suspicious of Treason[/card] spammers!!! This will protect our following cards and the ones brought back by [card]Entropy[/card]

#20 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » November 21st: Edrianne » 21-11-2012 15:52:40

Blackness is a great addition to my demon warriors, finally I have something to chain big_smile

Nehant Aerouant has a mych better looking than Noz version.

Is that girl Ishaia on "...becomes us" ????


#21 Re : Deck and Strategy » black witch vs big inferno,,need help » 05-11-2012 18:29:39

Use nehant mages without receptacle.

3 Demon May Rise
3 Magic Attack
3 Daemonium
3 of that card makes your opponent have atk 0/1
+8 cards you will discard

#22 Re : Atualizações » iTCG: Guerra Civil! » 29-10-2012 13:52:19

Fiz em 2 palitos com neantistas guemelites.

[card]Corrupção da alma[/card] causa dano magico na hora e um de dano direto no fim, dai seu personagem da um fisico e ja era xD

Ou combar [card]Presença Neantica[/card] com [card]Beijo dos Neantes[/card] / [card]Quebrando a Primeira Corrente[/card].

Se quiser pode usar o [card]Utkin[/card], ele causa dano direto no fim do turno.

Pode tb combar um guerreiro com: [card]Quimera Negra[/card] + um Feitiço de dano.

#23 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » October 25th - Civil war! » 26-10-2012 12:57:25

Hope Aerouant and Zejabel ressurrects an Undead version of old Prophet xD

Hope Aerouant really become Nehantist, they are cool.

Dimizar I'm fan of your storyline, just expecting to nehantists really become a strong evil force that everybody fears!!! They should hunt people, not people hunt them. They are evil.

Btw, Evil is just a point of view. Woah gonna put this as my forum signature.

#24 Re : Atualizações » iTCG: Guerra Civil! » 26-10-2012 12:51:55

Ae boa, cristalomante agora é evil >)

Tomara q com a ajuda do Zejabel eles ressucitem uma versão Necromancer do Antigo Profeta wink)))

#25 Re : Discussions about Eredan iTCG » October 25th - Civil war! » 25-10-2012 17:42:44

Yeah!!! Come to the Dark Side >)

Hope to see more demons coming like this, besides Aerouant be for Corruption.

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