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#1 13-01-2013 21:15:47

Habitant de Guem
Inscription : 27-01-2011
Messages : 337

Upgrading cards

Something strange occurred today. I had a deck I used to level up lux draconis for new Moira, and the deck had Moira the witchblade, Eglantyne the witchblade and Aeronaut. I upgraded lux draconis from the victory screen. This for some reason put Moira (New) into my deck as a 4th character. I know this as I editted the deck because old Moira was shadowed(Showing illegal) so I removed her and New Moira appeared in her place. Furthermore Level 2 (New) Moira wasn't visible in my collection, but level 1 one was.

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#2 14-01-2013 01:17:41

Inscription : 01-12-2010
Messages : 2 526

Re : Upgrading cards

This happens when you use the upgrade screen from a non-character card that merges with a character to upgrade a character.

So the Lux Draconis was in the deck, new Moira was not.
If you had upgraded from Moira screen, nothing would happen wrong.
Since you used Lux Draconis screen, it merged with the Moira and stayed in the Deck.

It's a lame bug, but relatively harmless.

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