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#1 14-01-2013 02:33:08

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[reported]Tea Ceremony - Not working against Mercenaries

This isn't the first time Tea Ceremony deals 0 damage against Mercenaries.

- Me = Kimiko in combat, Tristam and Psalm out of combat.
- Enemy = Deirf Geis in combat, Foam Giant out of combat, Master Ma dead.
- There is an [card]Old Score[/card] attached to my Tristam.
- [card]Kimiko[/card] plays [card]Enchanted Harp[/card] -> [card]Tea Ceremony[/card].

[card]Tea Ceremony[/card] states that the enemy must either share a Guild, or be a Mercenary.
[card]Kimiko[/card] is Kotoba-Nomad.
[card]Deirf Geis[/card] is a Mercenary.

- Deirf Geis took 3 damage from Harp (due to Old Score).
- Tea Ceremony caused a "No damage" message on both Deirf Geis and Foam Giant.

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#2 14-01-2013 03:49:43

Habitant de Guem
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Re : [reported]Tea Ceremony - Not working against Mercenaries

Tea ceremony needs a gdamn fix anyway... no card should be as obsoleted (and overwhelming victory & councils decision come close in that they heavily restrict your options for the rest of your deck simply due to new guilds being introduced... or rather don't get played) by simply the very act of the game expanding as this one has been anyway. And I don't count a legendary or a card that does nothing else as fixes...

Just make it 2 no matter what, and then it'd fix this bug too (one would hope)... because I'm sure a 1 shot crystal storm would be so broken hmm tongue

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