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#1 Re : FAQs » Nature Guemelite » 21-12-2010 23:01:00

i have bought Root for Cigue but i can't put it in my deck ç_ç

#2 Re : Update list » Free the Shadow! » 20-12-2010 23:16:14

A question,
i win the card but i don't understand if my enemy can decide if discard a card or he must discard a card (if remain).
I'm asking because sometimes i use this card with a mage (attack 3/5) and against war with a lot of armor and full hp and everyone discard a card, but it's a little bit strange :S

Ps. The bonus is +5.

#3 Re : FAQs » [discard] card » 20-12-2010 22:59:20

Azale a écrit :

There is also Mental Siphon available from the store.

OMG this card is amazing!!!!
I need to reach the level 16 as soon as possible!

I'm using a discard deck to complete the last trophy of the 2 shadow guemellite, and i had funny with it. Now i'll continue to use with the Shadow, Cigue and Marlok.
You need some magic defensive card, but can afford all kind of deck.
Not forget Disguise if you use Treacherus

It's a kind of play completely different.
You can't perfect the peaople and you can't always win.

#4 Re : Bug e Aggiornamenti » Traduzione » 04-12-2010 23:06:54

Quoto, avendo proprio quel deck ho rimesso il gioco in inglese che leggere Il Pacchetto in periodo natalizio non mi aiuta durante le battaglie tongue

#5 Re : Suggerimenti e FAQs » Vendita carte » 30-11-2010 18:27:00

Non so se basta aspettare, sicuramente si attivano comprando i cristalli blu, un po' di tempo dopo la transazione ti si sblocca la vendita, cmq non puoi vendere le carte dei mazzi base.


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