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#1 24-08-2013 06:42:57

Ptit nouveau
Inscription : 20-04-2012
Messages : 4

help with nehant deck

can u give me suggestion for my deck so far i have these cards.

The scourge of souls

Bile spitter x1
Blackness x2
Cursed black armor x2
Cursed black Crown x1
Cursed signet ring x1
Dark fury x2
Demonic cloud x2
Light and shadow shield x1
Inquisitor shield x2
pestilence perfume x2
Scourge trencher x 2
Sealed mask x1
The best defence... x 1
Demonic axe x 2
Demonic cloud x 2
Safe and sound x1
Cursed dagger x1

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#2 28-08-2013 11:35:02

Inscription : 09-05-2010
Messages : 5 602

Re : help with nehant deck

You are on the GT forum here, you have to go the ITCG forum for help wink

Noz niv 64, ex-Gouverneur, second Melchior de la Draconie
Le Cristalomancien

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#3 28-08-2015 10:17:13

Pt'i Nouveau
Inscription : 28-08-2015
Messages : 2

Re : help with nehant deck

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