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#1 06-05-2011 19:58:58

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Name and Shame

Should there be a name and shame section?

Three games I've played this evening and in each game at the end of the 5th round when all characters have still been alive the other person has quit so we don't get to the 6th round to register for the trophy.

This is really not good behaviour.

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#2 07-07-2011 06:31:13

Inscription : 24-06-2011
Messages : 32

Re : Name and Shame

Though doesn't it still ruin a perfect if you're about to own one?

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#3 06-11-2011 00:46:37

Inscription : 16-10-2011
Messages : 24

Re : Name and Shame

i hate it when that happens...

really frustrating....

good thing didn't encounter much of those for this week's trophy.

Also when the weekly trophy requires you to use an unorthodox deck build or play in a different style and you get matched up in the level room with an elo ready deck. Full upgraded cards and the works. Obviously taking advantage of the players doing the trophy and raking up his winning percentage. EVIL

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#4 14-11-2011 08:53:04

Inscription : 06-09-2010
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Re : Name and Shame

If you clearly NAME a person who was a poor sport in the forums and thus expose him/her to the others, that could be and will be regarded as flaming/insulting/attacking the other person. ^^

There is a thread of similar sorts here:

There you can post screenshots of such moments or describe them to others. Just leave out the names and try not to be too mean. ^^

Plus the Epic Tavern = non Eredan related threads.

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