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#1 30-01-2013 02:10:04

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[reported] Agmundar's Rage on Fyrnir

Whenever I play [card]Agmundar's Rage[/card] on Fyrnir (either from hand of by Ursyd) everything works normally until it's discarded at teh end of the 3rd turn. everyone loses their rage and the bonuses they give like they're supposed to, but every card(except Fyrnir) treats the berserkers that didn't have Agmundar's attached like they still have their rage. so cards that give extra bonuses to berserkers with rage give these bonuses, and cards that grant rage don't give them their rage again cause it thinks they still have it. I'm not sure weather it's from being played by Fyrnir, or if it's a bug with the part of Agmundar's that activates with teh character is a priest. I'd check the later if I had Yilith, but sadly I don't.

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#2 30-01-2013 15:52:52

Staff Feerik
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Re : [reported] Agmundar's Rage on Fyrnir

There is a bug. It's reported, thanks.

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