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#1 28-01-2013 07:19:09

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[reported] Fyrnir the Ancient's rage bonus

I've just discovered that when [card]Fyrnir the Ancient[/card] recives his rage bonus from his own ability, other cards don't recognize him as having it. [card]Oath of Friendship[/card] wouldn't heal when Fyrnir and the other berserker have their rage, [card]Inspire fear[/card] didn't give -2 defense, and [card]Hrimnir's left claw[/card] didn't give Fyrnir an additional attack +1. I haven't tested [card]Prowess[/card] or [card]Berserker[/card] tactic yet.
Edit: tested Prowess and it doesn't let him chain when his ability gives him rage, it also seems he doesn't always heal the characters, though not sure whether it's when he receives it from his ability, or when he loses it then gains it again.

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#2 28-01-2013 18:03:11

Staff Feerik
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Re : [reported] Fyrnir the Ancient's rage bonus

Reported. Thanks.

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