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#1 13-01-2013 14:45:35

Ptit nouveau
Inscription : 06-04-2012
Messages : 4

[solved] cashu payment

Hello guys i just wanna talk to any mod about a problem with cashu payment cus i just bought 20k feez with cashu payment but last time when i purchased the last 5k i didn't receive it and they already took $ from my cashu account and the payment recorded so please help

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#2 13-01-2013 21:04:31

Modérateur Eredan
Inscription : 20-04-2010
Messages : 11 566

Re : [solved] cashu payment

Send a ticket to the support (use "contact us" button in the email box ingame).

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#3 14-01-2013 11:53:14

Staff Feerik
Inscription : 13-02-2012
Messages : 167

Re : [solved] cashu payment

Hi, just for saying that we received your ticket. The problem must be done in the next few days.

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