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#1 13-01-2013 05:08:19

Habitant de Guem
Inscription : 01-01-2011
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Mask of Quercus (L2) vs Crystal Storm.

My understanding is this card should completely negate a crystal storm (no other cards to factor, his turn 1 is crystal storm, mine is mask, turn passes, my wearer takes 1... not "looks like" it takes 1 but nothing actually changes (and wouldn't it be 2?), their health points drop and stay dropped)... it does not, the wearer still takes 1 damage.

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#2 13-01-2013 05:20:42

Lieu : Argentina
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Re : Mask of Quercus (L2) vs Crystal Storm.

crystal storm played with the phytia deals 1 extra dmg thanks to her pet

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