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Bug rules/tips/screenshot

The Bug section is a space to help players

This isn't subject to debate, a few rules have to be respected:

- No flood/spam.

- No trolling.

- No debates on bankers/no bankers.

- No insults or aggressive behaviour.

- Respect of the Netiquette obligatory.

-No advertising outside Feerik games

Good gaming.

I have a problem ingame, what to do?

Do you have a problem with your computer or a problem linked to the game? Well this is the section for you. The Eredan staff will try and help you to the best of their abilities.

A few small rules to follow:

- Before posting, please check if a topic relating to your issue hasn't been created yet.

- The number of problems and the difficulty to resolve them can take time depending on the issue at hand. So please be patient. Do not worry, the staff regularly checks the forum to check if there is any problems with the game so your help would be much appreciated!

- Please write correctly and be precise on the problem at hand. (do not hesitate to use screenshots).

- One topic per problem only.

- If your problem is linked with one of our partners (Ticket surf, optelo, paypal ect...) please use the "contact" link in-game.

- Like the other forums, insults, flood, spam and what opposes the netiquette is completely forbidden.

Notice the existence of the Feerik support that can also answer your questions.

You can find through the help icons , the contact to support.

Good Game to you.

Taking a screenshot

Here are a few tips on how to take a few screenshots.

1) Press print screen on your keyboard
2) Open paint
3) Press ctrl V
4) Save your picture/image, you can even resize your image.
5) Host your image (be careful to respect the format or size)
6) Use the IMG when you write a message (tool bar at the top)

If you are on Apple

1) Press cmd shift 4, select a portion of the screen you wish to save.

2) Host your image that should be on your desktop (be careful to respect the format or size)

3) Use the IMG when you write a message (tool bar at the top)

Don't kill the dream, execute it.

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