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#1 17-01-2013 01:22:52

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Compendium Secret Update

I am very unhappy with the new modification of the compendium secret card. I have spent alot of money on fee'z to create my compendium deck and now it's pretty useless. Why would you change the card to an aoe card and not allow to pick an aoe card from the discard pile??? So now the main reason for comp secret is to play shadow master in a compendium deck and its useless. I now have 6 useless cards that I spent alot on. I suggest that this card be re modified. If it is going to be an aoe card then an aoe card should be allowed to be played from discard pile. Or it should be a non aoe card that you can play aoe cards from discard pile, but with restrictions. Just my suggestion. Because I am really ready to just be done with this game otherwise. I have spent too much time and money for my deck to be rendered pretty useless with this mod.

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#2 17-01-2013 01:42:00

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Re : Compendium Secret Update

well [card]shadow master[/card] will always be expensive as it is used for upgrading [card]yu ling[/card] (I think)
[card]compendium secret[/card] and [card]blanche of arcania[/card] are really the only expensive cards in the deck and you can sell back the useless compendium secret for 60k each

[card]Illumination[/card] is a card worth keeping without selling though

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