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#1 15-06-2010 11:44:21

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[Read before posting] Suggestion Recap


- Booster per guild
- small fee's bonus with starter deck
- knowing what deck (Zil, Kotoba, Noz) is being used by other players in the room
- To bet on fights
- Card exchange
- Private sells
- Opening several pages during a fight
- Synergy transfer between Eredan Gt and Eredan iTCG
- Using each card in as many decks as possible
- Nerf the best defense and/or Hungry Void
- Buy/sell Section

- Graphic enhancement -> Impossible
- Window enhancement -> Impossible (facebook)
- Always display profile -> Impossible (facebook)
----A click on the profile enabling you to access some information
- Modifying graphics  -> Impossible


- Sound (start of the game, etc...)
- Adding a live chat after or during a game
- List of cards
- Game History Logs
- Fullscreen
- Propose some form of revenge after a game
- Arena deck level -> Training room...
- Player Guilds
- Notification acees to sales ect..
- Tournament Modification  : A specific module is planned
- Field Cards

-  PvE (Player vs Environnement ) -> Will take a while
- Quests-> will take a very long time

Other possible SUGGESTIONs (long term)

- Coop fights
- A button to congratulate the opponent without having to type text
-  iPhone Application
- Adding friends

SUGGESTION not planned for the moment

- Random character selection
- Spectator mode
- Display name of the character during combat

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