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#26 09-01-2013 11:26:39

Habitant de Guem
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Re : Best Suggestion

AchDeToni a écrit :

This is the best Amnezy format I played in so far, its just fun. Still there are very hard to beat decks, but you dont feel so cheated if you lose to them.
Legendaries were imo a huge mistake because its just like an unfair advantage against normal chars and reduces variaty of (good) decks to 1 or max 2 per guild.

So, no your suggestion isnt the best, it sucks.

I have no issues against most legendary character's, only cards I think are OP banned is "[card]Cutting all ties[/card]", and Oreo, I can manage against the rest... Although I get beat down bad sometimes it was usually fun, only decks that aren't fun to play or play against for me is cutting all ties deck with entropy, now if they made cutting all ties an action card, it could stay...but that's the only card I have issues with as it takes away any kind of fun, and if they are using certain characters they can lock you out from round 2 till you die from using ANY cards.  I actually have more trouble with normal decks than legendary decks, aside from centorium, and oreo, I do fine against them....and I don't even have to use an legendary character. 

If you go banning all the legendary cards here and there, you make all the time I've spent saving up to buy a legendary card so you can feel like you have a chance, took me almost 2 years to finally afford [card]mastery[/card], I don't mind them banning mastery but mind as well ban [card]entropy[/card], [card]cutting all ties[/card], [card]Evil Eye[/card], and any other card people find issue with.

I quite enjoyed the NO legendary, Mythical, or unique cards allowed run myself a few months back.  but you know.  Would be nice to actually have different rooms, with different allowed setups/prizes and such.   But that said, I rather them not ban  any cards and try to balance out the different deck/play styles so that more decks become viable contenders in ELO.  that's my 2 cents.

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